Winter Break 2-23-18. We will resume classes on 3-2-18 Enjoy your break!.....



Palestra has blessed our family academically, spiritually and socially for the past five years and has made our homeschool an exciting adventure.

Desiree Dobbins

My children love to see their friends each week and I enjoy my morning coffee with my friends.  Palaestra is the perfect addition of fun to our children each week. 

Melissa Janisch

I'm so pleased with the variety and quality of classes my son has taken at Palaestra. As a homeschooling parent, the peer support and friendships are a blessing to our whole family.  Palaestra is truly a Godsend. 

Becky Mansilla

As a mom of four who was not planning to homeschool, Palaestra has been a blessing to me and my kids.  The kids get to enjoy classes they are interested in and I get to sit and socialize with other moms who are inspiring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Amanda Smith


Palestra is our favorite day of the week - fun, conversation, and learning with like minded people. 

Lee Kurche

Our family has been coming to Palestra for eight years. We keep coming back. The kids love it! Mom loves It!  Wonderfully Christ centered - Wonderful group of people!

Lesley Giffin

I've been attending Palaestra since I was seven and can't believe how far it has taken me. 

Hurley Davis / Senior

Palaestra is so much fun and I am learning so much!

Kayla Mitchell

Veni, Vedi, vici.  awesome - the teachers are great!

Annie Kaster

I am always impressed with the thought and effort that goes into the lesson plans for my children's classes at Palaestra. Each week, my children come out of class eager to tell me all that they did and what they learned.


As a homeschool graduate and now homeschooling mom Palaestra has been there for me and my family every step of the way. Not only does it enrich the lives of the child going to class, it provides a support group for us parents trying to provide the best learning experiences for our children. My children and I look forward to each Friday knowing we will leave educated, encouraged, and excited about homeschooling; and it will all be done in a Christian atmosphere and unto The Lord.

Stephanie Barnard