Winter Break 2-23-18. We will resume classes on 3-2-18 Enjoy your break!.....


   We believe that God, by the power of His spoken word through Jesus Christ, created all people in His image and likeness and has purposed that every individual live in the context of family and community. Along with the privilege of being co-creators, parents are given the ultimate responsibility of educating their children.

Our philosophy of education rests on the presupposition that our world belongs to God. Learning should take place in as natural a context as possible, preparing the child to enter the adult world. We see the community as a classroom and seek to draw from its resources. We believe that each child should be given a high standard to achieve, along with the encouragement to do so.



   Palaestra exists to assist any home schooling family by providing a variety of educational opportunities that are not easily accomplished in the home. We seek to promote an atmosphere of excellence and moral integrity.

Goals and Objectives

   Palaestra strives to:

I. Provide educational opportunities in the following:
    A. Community resources
    B. Introduction to different fields of interest

II. Provide quality instructors who:
    A. Share in Palaestra’s philosophy of education
    B. Have a fondness and respect for children
    C. Are proficient in their field
    D. Are gifted at transferring knowledge to others
    E. Are enthusiastic in their presentation
    F. Have a strong moral character and will not contradict or subvert a Biblical Worldview
    G. Will make application, interview, provide references, submit syllabus and sign a contract.

III. Provide an organizational structure of leadership that will preserve Palaestra’s philosophy and purpose:
    A. Administrated by a board of directors
    B. Assisted with qualified support staff
    C. Enlisting parent volunteers whenever possible

It is under the leadership of the Holy Spirit of God that we seek to organize, develop and accomplish these goals and objectives. Palaestra is anchored in prayer.



   Palaestra, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1994 to provide home education families with quality enrichment classes at as affordable rate. Classes are held on Fridays at Trinity Covenant Church, 34500 Six Mile Rd., in Livonia. (Click here for map.) Palaestra is a decidedly Christian organization. Biblical standards for life and conduct are encouraged. The Palaestra Board of Directors seeks to maintain a Christ honoring atmosphere, and strives to adhere to a biblical standard of ethics in business.

We look for teachers who are skilled in their particular field. Most are working professionals who are motivated to teach at Palaestra for love of teaching and other philosophical reasons. Instructors are hired as independent contractors and are financially compensated for their time. In order to make this program affordable to families who are shouldering the entire financial burden of their children’s education (no government funds here!) we must keep our costs low.

We conduct two semesters per year:
Fall Session: September—December. We do not hold class the Friday after Thanksgiving.
Winter Session: January—May. We break on Good Friday and the following week.

Classes are divided into the following age groupings:
   Pre-School (ages 3 1/2 - 5)
   K – 2nd grade (ages 5 - 7)
   3rd – 5th grades (ages 8 - 10)
   6th – 8th grades (ages 11 – 13)
   9th – 12th grades (ages 14 – 18)

Parents are requested to remain on premises during class hours with children under 16 or assign another adult as supervisor.

A different educational or home helps vendor is present at least twice each semester. There are class field trips, in house presentations, holiday parties, used book sale, Home Business Day, and a pleasant place where parents can visit with one another. Breakfast and lunch items are available for purchase.

Having begun with about fifty families, Palaestra now sustains an enrollment average of 120 families. We have gained a favorable reputation within the home educating community and the general community as well.