winter/spring semester begins January 19!!! ....there are still a few us for enrollment...


  Karly Royer

, I am a certified ESL teacher with a background in linguistics, literature, history and dance. I have taught at Palaestra for many years and more recently started teaching at Home School Connections. My middle school aged daughter keeps me on my toes and is teaching me to enjoy science, specifically chemistry. I really enjoy teaching writing and literature. My goal is to show students that writing can be if not fun, at least tolerable. When I am not "dance momming” or teaching, I am usually knitting.

  Karly Royer is teaching the following classes for the 2017 / Winter Session.
  • HS Lit and Writing
  • Middle School Writing and Lit
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • Upper Elementary Writing
  • Girls Who Rocked the World