winter/spring semester begins January 19!!! ....there are still a few us for enrollment...


  Norman Gajowiak

Norm Gajowiak has been an instructor, tutor, mentor, and advocate for home education since 2005. He has successfully taught a variety of classes at various homeschool organizations and currently owns and operates Mr. Normís Tutoring & Mentoring Services; a successful Christian based tutoring company dedicated to serving the local homeschool community. Mr. Norm has become a highly valued member of the SE Michigan homeschool community and has a following of several hundred successful students and their parents. Norm holds a degree in pre-secondary education and a BA in Psychology and Human Services. Mr. Norm takes a great interest in missions. He serves as a missionary to the Rybnoe orphanage in the Ryazan Region of Russia, as well as a missionary to the many underserved children of Managua, Nicaragua, and its outskirts.

  Norman Gajowiak is teaching the following classes for the 2017 / Winter Session.