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  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

We read about them in fiction, we see them navigate impossible obstacles in movies and on television, but historically what was the job of a spy?  Who were the people walking side by side with their neighbors but fighting for their country and their cause when no one was watching?  From Quakers and seamstresses, to slaves and nurses, throughout history men and women have secretly put their lives on the line in order to help others.  Whether it was smuggling children away from the WWII ghettos or listening through walls to find out what the British army plans were during the American Revolution, this class will explore the bravery, sacrifice, cunning and daring, undertaken by ordinary people to save lives.  We will also look at the time period and society to see what constraints these brave people challenged.  The students will be required to read material given, write short essays in response to reading materials and participate in class discussions.


  Instructor: Royer, Karly
  Instructor Bio:
  , I am a certified ESL teacher with a background in linguistics, literature, history and dance. I have taught at Palaestra for many years and more recently started teaching at Home School Connections. My middle school aged daughter keeps me on my toes and is teaching me to enjoy science, specifically chemistry. I really enjoy teaching writing and literature. My goal is to show students that writing can be if not fun, at least tolerable. When I am not "dance momming” or teaching, I am usually knitting.
  Fee: $90
  Material Fee: $10
  Minimum Age: 11
  Maximum Age: 18
Day:FridayTime:11:00 amLength:1 Hours
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