Class Information

  Brain Games

~~This course is designed to stimulate and increase brain development and reasoning skills through critical thinking and problem-solving activities and exercises. Some are socially interactive; others are individual, such as problem-of-the-week, but all are aligned with the higher order thinking skills of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students will creatively explore the use of geoboards, categorizing, sequencing, crossing the midline, comparing similarities and differences, plotting x and y coordinates (as in the game Battleship), matching, origami, completing patterns, braille text, sign language, topographical orientation (map-reading skills), and a weekly estimation jar. Data, chance, and probability may also be covered if time permits.

  Instructor: Jacobsen, Doreen
  Instructor Bio:
  Fee: $85
  Material Fee: $5
  Minimum Age: 8
  Maximum Age: 10
Day:FridayTime:12:30 pmLength:1 Hours
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