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  Simple Machines/Math Investigations

~~This year long class will use two curricula from the LegoEducation company. Early Simple Machines and More ToMath 1-2.
In the early Simple Machines sessions young (5+) students build fun and simple (DUPLO) models such as a seesaw, rolling vehicle, spinning top, raft, swing, and many more, all based on machines.  By playing with and manipulating the models, children experience pulleys, levers, gears, and wheels and axles, the screw, inclined planes, etc… while exploring early science and technology concepts as: energy, buoyancy, balance, speed, the effect of friction, reading scales, fair testing, predicting and measuring, collecting data and describing outcomes, investigating gears, wheels, axles, levers and pulleys, matching solutions to needs, choosing appropriate materials, designing, making and testing.
The curriculum follows the 4C approach:
Construct - we will interpret 2D building instructions and turn them into 3D models,
Connect them with a story
Contemplate as we carry out scientific investigations with what we have constructed and while making predictions, testing, comparing results, filling out a simple worksheet, etc..
Continue with further investigations - design additions or changes to the models and invent related games.

The More ToMath sessions involve Math investigations using the MoreToMath Curriculum.
Geared towards ages 6+ it contains first and second grade level engaging mathematics lessons focused on problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.
Key learning values: mathematical problem solving, reasoning, perseverance, precision, modeling, and representation.  Reinforces math competency learning through hands-on activities across the areas of numeracy, operations in base 10, algebraic thinking, measurement, data, and spatial awareness.




  Instructor: Fenton, Kevin
  Instructor Bio:
  Fee: $90
  Material Fee: $10
  Minimum Age: 5
  Maximum Age: 7
Day:FridayTime:11:00 amLength:1 Hours
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