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  Chess /age7+

Open to those with basic reading skills: ABC's & 123's. Whether you’ve been
playing chess for only a few weeks or for several years, you’ll find this class to be
fun & educational! You will learn all the basics of chess: defining the board and
pieces, history, how to read and write chess, movement, basic strategy, openings,
draws, checkmating, and more!! Studies show that children who learn to play chess
early will not only do better in math, cognitive and analytical abilities, but they are
more inclined to develop leadership qualities. Why? Because they learn to think!
Student’s chessboards will be labeled with file-letters and rank-numbers for
learning, recording moves, game play. PLEASE NOTE: This is a 2-semester
committed class (fall & winter). Semester-1 is primarily instructional and
semester-2 will enter game~tournament play during class with further learning.

  Instructor: Berry, Diane
  Instructor Bio:
  TaeKwonDo Grandmaster Diane Berry is a seasoned Instructor & Trainer with more than 36 years experience and a longtime homeschool co-op advocate! She became a Certified Black Belt Instructor in 1983 in her late teens. In 1985 she surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and began to use her Martial Arts as a ministry to share Godís Word and Knowledge of His Saving Grace with others. Under the direction of the Lord, Grandmaster Berry founded Full Force Ministries offering many Christ Centered Activities/Services today, most of which include evangelism & discipleship - such as: Formal Martial Arts Training, Self- Defense, Child Safety, Ladies Self-Defense, Dynamic Martial Arts Demos, Chess Workshops, Summer Day Camps, & Inner-Healing/Deliverance Counseling & Teaching. (Services/Instruction are generally held at churches or organizations by appt., homeschool groups, and her home). In 1992 she earned her Martial Arts Masters Degree! In 2012 she was inducted into the Midwest Womenís Martial Arts HALL OF FAME of EXCELLENCE! In 2016 she earned the rare high rank of 7th Degree Black Belt and became FFM-CMA Grandmaster! The Lord has blessed and honored Grandmaster Berry with the privilege of teaching over thousands of students; some who have made life-long commitments themselves. She was introduced to Chess at the age of 7 while observing her Uncle passionately teach her brother the intriguing game. She took a strong interest, learned to play and fell in love with it. As an adult, she began to more seriously study the strategic game of wits and has been formally & joyfully teaching Chess since the mid-90ís. She has an extensive background in Biblical, Ministerial Education and specializes in her God-given passion & calling of inner-healing & deliverance counseling ~ (healing of painful emotions/memories, mental torment, soul fragmentation, & freedom from demonic bondage/oppression ~Founded on Luke 4:18 ). Her desire is to see others reach their full potential and God-given destiny in Christ.
  Fee: $90
  Material Fee: $0
  Minimum Age: 7
  Maximum Age: 18
Day:FridayTime:11:00 amLength:1 Hours
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