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Over half of the English words we use on a daily basis come from Latin. Not only is Latin considered the "mother" of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian, it is the language of law, theology and the modern sciences. Latin will improve a student's vocabulary and understanding of English grammar and studies have shown that Latin students score considerably higher on standardized college entrance tests. While these are excellent reasons for studying Latin they are not the most important - Latin students will learn how their brain learns - they will learn what it takes to succeed  in a challenging endeavor - they will learn how to study! A college Latin professor once said, "If you  can get an "A" in Latin you can get an "A" in anything."

We'll be using Wheelock's Latin, a college level text. High school and college Latin classes generally meet 4 or 5 times a week. Since we only meet once a week, successful students will be motivated self starters who enjoy being challenged academically. We will spend class time explaining grammar,answering questions and translating. Students will be expected to spend time at home memorizing vocabulary,completing self-tutorials and translating. This is an excellent first course in Latin and an outstanding complement to the "Lingua Latina" curriculum which has been offered at Palaestra the last two years.Students in 7th and 8th grade are welcome.

Please purchase the text "Wheelock Latin" and "38 Latin Stories" (Both are available on Amazon.)



  Instructor: Walterich, Mary Ellen
  Instructor Bio:
  Fee: $90
  Material Fee: $10
  Minimum Age: 12
  Maximum Age: 18
Day:FridayTime:10:00 amLength:1 Hours
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