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  Monsters and Myths

The History of Monsters:

What is it about monsters and mythical creatures that intrigues humans?  From literature, to film, to television, to children’s books, our society is filled with monsters and myth.  Frankenstein, Jaws, Dracula and unicorns, name but a few of the monsters and creatures that we have read about or seen on film.  In this class, we will explore the history of some of the most famous monsters and mythical creatures.  Who made them famous?  In what situations were these creatures created?  How did mummies go from being carefully wrapped for the afterlife by Egyptians to being a curse for the Victorians?  Is there a scientific reason?  How do monsters or creatures sometimes created by medical intervention or human hands come to terrify people centuries later? In this class we will explore these creatures and the societies from whence they came.  The students will be required to read the materials given, write short essays on the materials covered and participate in class discussions.



  Instructor: Royer, Karly
  Instructor Bio:
  , I am a certified ESL teacher with a background in linguistics, literature, history and dance. I have taught at Palaestra for many years and more recently started teaching at Home School Connections. My middle school aged daughter keeps me on my toes and is teaching me to enjoy science, specifically chemistry. I really enjoy teaching writing and literature. My goal is to show students that writing can be if not fun, at least tolerable. When I am not "dance momming” or teaching, I am usually knitting.
  Fee: $90
  Material Fee: $10
  Minimum Age: 11
  Maximum Age: 13
Day:FridayTime:11:00 amLength:1 Hours
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