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  Science For Amateurs

All new material!  This class is designed to engage students in looking at the world around them and inspire them to ask questions.  With lots of hands on activities, experiments are designed to be simple enough for students to complete on their own.  Each week, or over a two week period, students will be introduced to a question which will be the focus of the lesson.  To build skills of scientific inquiry, students will complete a worksheet correlating with the week's experiment using the steps of the scientific method (pose questions, develop hypothesis, design an experiment, collect and interpret data, draw conclusions, communicate results).  Students keep these weekly worksheets in a notebook to help build a list of vocabulary words learned from weekly lessons and experiments.  At home extensions encourage students to identify additional objects and/or concepts throughout the week which follow the same scientific principles.  Some of the topics that students will explore include the following: air and gases through explosions and implosions; density through investigations with ice, oil, and pop bottles; fluid dynamics with Bernoullian blasts; gravity and motion by whacking, swinging, and whirling; electricity to make lightening, bend water, and construct a circuit; magnets to charm a snake, fly a kite, build a buzzer, and win a race with magnetic cars; and so much more!

  Instructor: Buffenn, Audra Kimberly
  Instructor Bio:
  Audra Kimberly Buffenn holds advanced degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. She has ten years teaching experience at the K-12, graduate and undergraduate levels and currently holds an appointment at Oakland University. She also works with K-12 teachers and students through the KayKim Foundation. Her recent science programs have earned awards from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  Fee: $90
  Material Fee: $15
  Minimum Age: 8
  Maximum Age: 10
Day:FridayTime:2:30 pmLength:1 Hours
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