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~~Speech Class/ First Semester
The number one fear in America is public speaking. In this class we plan on overcoming that fear! Students will use a variety of speech types to learn how to present themselves, and their ideas, in a concise and effective manner. We will focus on presentation, delivery skills, speaking to the audience, confidence, and writing. Students should be prepared to do homework, research, and write speeches weekly. Students will be giving at least 6 presentations throughout the semester.

Debate Class/ Second Semester
After spending the first semester honing their speaking skills, the students will embark on learning how to debate hot topics. Debate helps to build research competence, media literacy, evidence evaluation, summarization, civil discussion skills, critical thinking and note taking. The students will be challenged to think outside their normal box, to engage one another in subjects that they may or may not agree with. Our main goal is to develop the ability to debate rationally from either position with equal ease.

  Instructor: White, Cheryl
  Instructor Bio:
  Cheryl White is the mother of four homeschooled children, two of which have graduated high school. Some of her other homeschooling accomplishments include teaching "Garage Theatre" for five years, leading a homeschooling speech class for the past 7 years, and teaching Yearbook, Speech & Debate Classes at Palaestra for the past 3 years. Cheryl attended Eastern Michigan University and Lawrence Technological University studying Interior Architecture and Design. In addition to homeschooling, Cheryl recently helped to launch "Upstairs Events" an event planning business during the summer months. She also enjoys reading, baking, kickboxing, raising chickens and eating lots of sushi.
  Fee: $85
  Material Fee: $5
  Minimum Age: 14
  Maximum Age: 18
Day:FridayTime:2:30 pmLength:1 Hours
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