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  Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

~~ Doreen Jacobsen and Jody White, co-instructors 

   In this elementary level human anatomy class, (K-2 and 3-5), we give  God our creator the glory for our wonderful human bodies. Therefore, our foundational scripture is Psalms 139:14:  “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” - - - and throughout the semester course, students will explore the wonders of basic human anatomy and will engage in various fun tasks (bean bag organ toss game..) and hands-on experiences related to the human organ systems (cardiovascular, skeletal…). For example, we make (fake) human blood using cranberry juice for the plasma, mini white marshmallows for the white blood cells, craisins for the platelets, etc) and we also make (fake) human mucus (or use slime if there are severe allergies) to facilitate learning the purposes of the mucosal linings in the human body.
    The first class begins with each student constructing a life-size paper replica of themselves to which various human paper ‘organs’ will be colored, cut out and adhered as the units on each organ are covered.
Additionally, relevant scriptures are shared weekly that aid in the study of the various organs and organ systems. The instructors will need to know if your child has any food allergies before the blood and mucus units are covered -  approximately one month or so into the class schedule. There is also a weekly musical element in which students move their fearfully and wonderfully made muscles in praise to God. Parents are invited to join us anytime for they are ALSO fearfully and wonderfully made as well..



  Instructor: Jacobsen, Doreen
  Instructor Bio:
  Fee: $85
  Material Fee: $5
  Minimum Age: 5
  Maximum Age: 7
Day:FridayTime:12:30 pmLength:1 Hours
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