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  Algebra 1 8th-10th

Grades 8, 9 & 10

With a Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering from UofM, Ann Arbor, some tutoring experience, homeschool experience, and enthusiasm for the subject,  I would like to take your student through Saxon Algebra 1, this year (my second year teaching this subject at Palaestra)

We will cover all of Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition, chosen by parents last year who were uneasy with Common Core influence in the 4th edition.  Parents also liked the integrated algebra & geometry approach.  The plain, yet comprehensive and time-tested curriculum, written for the homeschool student covers traditional first-year algebra topics, as well as a full semester of informal geometry, with both real-world, abstract and interdisciplinary applications. Students need a graphing calculator; we will add the 4th edition graphing calculator & technology lessons.

We meet once per week (Fridays) in person at Palaestra and twice per week on Skype (times tbd).

Due to the relatively few contact hours, we also need some parent involvement: parents will have to please make sure their students complete the homework every week (Thursdays, please make sure that your student has worked the homework problems).

Quizzes and exams will be taken at home, then brought to class for me to grade them (outside of class).

Required: Algebra 1 student manual; Quizzes and tests booklet

  Instructor: Kaster, Judith
  Instructor Bio:
  Judith Kaster is in her fifth year at Palaestra. Her homeschool adventure started 18ish years ago, when her twins were ready for first grade. Both she and her husband (Bob Kaster, the electronics teacher) graduated with engineering Masters degrees from the University of Michigan, where they also first encountered homeschooling families and thus, not afraid of math and science and oblivious to unforeseen challenges, they embarked on the journey. Both volunteered and taught/tutored off and on through the years, Judith mostly Math, Chemistry (undergraduate major) German (native language) and Guitar (hobby). Bob has worked as an Electrical Engineer for 25+ years. We graduated three homeschool students: twins in 2013 and the youngest in 2016. With Judith as their math teacher, all three of her children have achieved a solid understanding of Algebra 1 and 2 and ACT scores in the low 30s and 29 and have thus won valuable college scholarships. Her oldest two students have been employed as Math tutors at Oakland University starting their freshman year,…., have just graduated from OU and are both pursuing PhD’s in Chemistry (UIUC and Northwestern U). Her youngest has just finished her freshman year at Cedarville University. The Kasters are members of Woodside Church in White Lake.
  Fee: $100
  Material Fee: $0
  Minimum Age: 13
  Maximum Age: 16
Day:FridayTime:12:30 pmLength:1 Hours
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