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  HS French 1

High school French will be taught with the same book from last year, ” French Now!” by Barron’s Publishing. We will also use FluentU, during the second semester, with a $15 fee.

Over the course of both semesters, French 1 will cover Units 1- 15, focusing on the present tense only.

The class is open to beginners- but they will need discipline, especially during the first few months, to dive in. It is equivalent to 1 credit of French.

For younger high schoolers who are not ready for a lot of homework, and have time left to accumulate language credits, I recommend they take the Junior French class.

Every Monday, an voicemail will be due.

For every odd numbered week, (first week of class, third week of class, etc.), we will spend the class learning grammar(Part 1) and vocabulary (Part 2), working through the beginning of exercises together. For every even numbered week, we will review the unit through Parts 3-6.


5) These books come with an audio portion. 

Last year, students tended to avoid the audio portion- but it is essential. Some parents from last year were taken aback by the speed of the voices, and last year’s students found the audio portion to be.. boring. I agree. Nonetheless, as we  only meet 30 times in the whole year, I believe it crucial for children to have regular, (almost) daily exposure to hearing French, especially French that covers the material at hand. If you have a problem playing the CD at home or in your, I will have all the audio available in mp3 format for you to download. Keep in mind, the primary goal of listening activity is not full or even moderate comprehension. The brain does many things of which we’re conscious, and many of which we’re not. 

  Instructor: Garfield, Whitney
  Instructor Bio:
  Bonjour! My name is Whitney. While not a native speaker, I worked and studied in France for five years, igniting a passion for all things French- the culture, the people, and their beautiful language. After earning a diploma and various language certifications through the University of La Rochelle, I then spent three years in Bordeaux, studying Foreign Applied Linguistics. Iím well acquainted with many of Palaestraís wonderful staff, and grateful to them for this unique privilege of teaching French to your children- in smaller classes, within a Christian context. The curriculum will be both flexible, and integrative, meeting your child wherever they are, and immersing them as deeply as our time together will allow. Along with these classes, I will also offer tutoring.
  Fee: $85
  Material Fee: $5
  Minimum Age: 14
  Maximum Age: 18
Day:FridayTime:11:00 amLength:1 Hours
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