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  Reading Adventures

In Reading Adventures we will read lots of different kinds of books. Classic, new, funny, silly books. Books about Holidays, the seasons and traditions.

 Together we will decide what is the theme or the most important part. As the story is being read, we will discuss: What do you think will happen next? How do you think that person feels? What would you do? Do you think that was a good ending? Did you like this book? Why?

 There will be hands on activity, games, crafts and creative play all based on that week’s story.   

Each child will have their own special day. This is an opportunity for your child to learn how talk in front of a small group. A list of questions will be given to the student to answer (before the special day) about their family, pets, toys and favorite things. Children will learn how much they have in common with each other during this time. The special child may also bring in a favorite toy, book, pictures of their family or anything else that is important to them to show the class. There will also be time at the end of class to share a treat that the special person has brought in. 

  Instructor: Jacobsen, Doreen
  Instructor Bio:
  Fee: $85
  Material Fee: $5
  Minimum Age: 5
  Maximum Age: 7
Day:FridayTime:10:00 amLength:1 Hours
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